Fitness Boot Camp Helps Seymour and Surrounding Area Women Burn Fat...
Here's How You Can Lose Weight, Tighten and Tone Your Problem Areas, and Feel Better About Yourself Than You Have In Years... 
• Do you want to lose weight and get into great shape... but feel like you're LOST on what to do (or how to even get started) because NOTHING you try ever seems to work?
• Has it been a while (maybe even a couple of years or more) since you've taken good care of yourself... and now you feel like you need some extra help just getting motivated again?

• Have you tried exercising at a gym or health club, only to be left feeling judged, self-conscious, or even downright embarrassed because of the complete lack of results you got there (not to mention, all the money you wasted there, too)?

Ever wished you could figure out how losing weight REALLY works... so that raising your metabolism, burning away your body fat, and tightening up your body (and fitting back into your old clothes again) actually becomes EASY?
If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, I want you to know...

You're NOT alone.

In fact, every one of those questions above came from working directly with hundreds of other women just like you, right here in Seymour,  and the surrounding areas.
You Might Be Wondering "Who Is This Guy?"
Hi,  I'm Jeff MacConnie, CFT, SPN, CLC, CH, 3 Time Mr. Connecticut Bodybuilding Champion, Husband, Trainer and Business Owner.

I guess if I had to sum myself up in a few words those would be the words I choose, but I'll do my best to tell you a bit more about me. 

I'm a guy in my 50's (dated myself didn't I) that has been a trainer for over 11 years now, I've received multiple certifications as a Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Life Coach, Hypnotist, Acupressure, and a university degree in Business Administration... so yeah, I'm a lifer here. All through my years I've helped MANY HUNDREDS of women, like you, achieve goals they never believed possible.  
It's always awesome to see people walk out of their workouts and, over time, that have lost 20, 50, even over 80 lbs. It's a blast helping clients get in better shape at 46 than they were at 26.
I've taken a liking to coaching those that are in their 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's to getting in the best shape of their life because I GET IT.  Recovery is longer, injuries happen easier, life is a lot more chaotic all the while you still think/feel that you are in your 20's or 30's; so its a bit of a weird time in your life that your mind hasn't caught up to your body. You have to be smarter now. BUT, with smarter training and nutrition I get so amused seeing clients obtain levels of fitness far beyond what they were in their 20's.
So, like I said... you're NOT alone.  I know exactly how upsetting it can be to KNOW you need to do something to get your weight (and your self-image) under control... but feel almost entirely powerless to make it happen. 

But I also know exactly how it feels when you FINALLY get that sense of relief... that sense of accomplishment and self-esteem that comes over you when you've done it... when you've finally lost those 20 lbs that have been "sticking" to you... when you can finally fit back into all those nice clothes you USED to wear. Or when your special someone looks at you again with that gleam that's been missing from his eyes for years now.

Helping women create THAT kind of change in their bodies and their lives is what drives me... it's what motivates me. And it's WHY I became a fitness trainer to begin with. 


 Unfortunately, Women Will NEVER Lose Their Extra Weight, Have The Tight, Toned Body They Really Want, Or Ever Be Happy About The Way They Look And Feel...

As sad as it sounds, the real TRUTH of the matter is... MOST women will ALWAYS struggle with their weight.

Most women will just continue doing the same things they've always done... and they'll just continue to get the same results they've always gotten. Which means,  AT BEST... they'll just lose a little bit of weight only to end up gaining it all back (PLUS some).

So they'll have NO CHOICE but to try something "new" to lose their weight and extra inches.

And... as each "new" weight-loss method they try ends up falling flat on its face in failure... most women will KEEP jumping from one gimmick to the next... and they'll KEEP FAILING... until they end up feeling like failures themselves.

When that happens, it's never good...

Because it usually ends up in the woman just ACCEPTING the fact that's she's ALWAYS going to be overweight... that she's ALWAYS going to feel self-conscious about the way she looks... that she'll NEVER truly be happy with her own body.

And when faced with THAT situation...

Most women just GIVE UP.

But It Doesn't Have To End That Way For You...

You do NOT have keep struggling to get your weight under control...
You do NOT have to keep jumping from one thing to the next, just HOPING you'll eventually stumble onto something that actually works for once...

And most importantly of all...

You do NOT have to submit to the way things are, just because that's how they've been up until now.
You CAN take control of your situation right now and create the kind of body and
self-image you've always wanted.

In fact...

I Personally Guarantee You'll Lose Weight, Your Clothes Will Fit Better, AND You'll FEEL Better (And Have More Energy Than You've Had In Years) With Our Fitness Training.

Look.. I know you've tried just about EVERYTHING to burn fat, lose weight, and tone your body. And I also know that none of it has worked for you so far (or you probably wouldn't be here right now).

So if you WEREN'T skeptical right now... I'd be a little worried for you. ;-)

That's why I'm going to fully protect you with this guarantee...
I'm so sure I can help you lose your extra weight and get into great shape (just like I've done for literally HUNDREDS of other women in the Seymour area)... that I FLAT-OUT GUARANTEE you'll get results from our fitness training..

You  WILL...

• Lose weight 
• Fit into your clothes better (even clothes that are "snug" now)
• Feel more energized and less stressed
• Know it's working because you'll see the results

...all within the your first 90 days! 

If you're not completely happy with the fat you've burned away, the inches you've shed, or the way you've been able to reshape your body... I'll give you ALL your money back - no questions asked.

Here's What Other Women Are Saying About The Weight Loss Results They Got At Fitness Zone...
I have been working out with  Fitness Zone Bootcamp for about 6 months and I have never been happier and healthier in my life. Before I joined Bootcamp I was unhappy, had no energy and self conscious about my body.  I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and include some exercise. 

I tried working out on my own, but it just got so boring. I had heard of bootcamp workouts and I decided to search the internet for bootcamps in the Seymour area. I came across the website for Fitness Zone Bootcamp. I will admit that FIRST 2 WEEKS were rough. Jeff and the other bootcampers have been supportive, encouraging and pushed to do the best I could.

Now after 6 months I have lost unwanted body fat, my body is changing shape, I have increased energy, I am amazed at what I can achieve and I'm finally toning up my body. I am my lowest weight, and I haven't felt this good ever... and the best news is that this is only the beginning.

If you really want a challenge yourself and change your lifestyle I highly recommend
Fitness Zone Bootcamp.
- Dani C.
"Lost The Weight I Wanted To Lose, and I'm Having a Blast..."
I wasn't fitting in to any of my work clothes and knew I needed to do something... and fast.

Enter: Bootcamp.

Not only was I getting back into shape, I was having a blast doing it! Bootcamp is great for anyone working a 9-5er because it's a quick but extremely effective workout.

I am now in the best shape I have been in the past 10 years.  Bootcamp is definitely bringing sexy back!
- Emily S.
"I Feel Stronger and Healthier
After Just a Few Weeks..."
Being a mother of 2 and also working full time, finding time in the day for exercise or a class has always been a struggle for me. Every class I was interested in seemed to be right in the middle of a work day.

Fortunately, for my health and sanity I found Jeff's bootcamp class! It's an awesome workout and the time fits perfectly with my schedule.

After just a few weeks of bootcamp I already feel stronger and healthier!
Jeff is a great instructors and I have really appreciated his encouragement and for pushing me to get the best workout I can in 30 minutes!
- Janetta
"It's Fun and The RESULTS Speak For Themselves
...and I'm Happy To Say I've Lost All The Weight I Put On and More"
I decided to try Fitness Zone Bootcamp about a year out of college after gaining weight due to my new life and spending most of my day at a desk.

The extra weight bothered me but it was the side effects of the weight that really took a toll. I was often lethargic, unmotivated, and very moody.

I am happy to say that I have lost all the weight I put on and more, have energy throughout the day, feel more confident and I am happier than ever.

To me, the change in my mental health has been the best part, and the physical change is an added bonus. I would definitely recommend Fitness Zone to anyone at any level!

It is fun and the results speak for themselves.
- Melissa L
"I've Lost A Lot of Weight And 4 Pants Sizes -
...It Really Has Changed My Life"
I have struggled with my weight my whole life, trying just about every diet there is with only temporary results. I started with Jeff’s boot camp 4 months ago and it really has changed my life.
I have lost a lot of weight and I’m down 4 pants sizes. I have more energy, confidence and physical strength.

I used to dread going to the gym but now I absolutely love going to boot camp. The class is fun and Jeff is amazing at keeping you accountable, motivated and reminding you why you are there so that you can push through to see maximum results.

When I first started I could barely do a push up or a squat, but because these classes are set up for ANY fitness level I was able to work my way up to being able to do some of the more difficult exercises in a very short amount of time.

Just last week I went on a vacation and was able to go hiking, zip lining and rappelling, none of which I would have been able to do before Jeff’s boot camps due to weight, physical fitness and flexibility restrictions.

My quality of life truly has improved by leaps and bounds.
- Kim S
"Fitting Into Clothes I Haven't Worn In Two Years..."
I cannot express enough how much I LOVE Fitness Zone Bootcamps! 

I had always been active until I became very sick a couple of years ago. I started to work out again at the gym, but no results were evident.

I've been in Bootcamp for two months now and I am already able to fit into clothes I haven't worn in two years!

Jeff is a fantastic trainer, takes a real interest in your health and your progress and inspires all of us to rock out a hard core work out in no time at all.

The facility is beautiful, the people are friendly and the workouts are great. 6:00 PM never looked better!

You should sign up. NOW! :-)
- Kristen F
Here Are The Results YOU Can Expect From Fitness Zone Bootcamps and Rapid Weight Loss Programs...

• Lose unwanted body fat in your first 90 days 

• Tighten and Tone your whole body

• You'll get FAST results you can actually SEE (and other people will see it too... and won't be able to help but ask you what you're doing to look so great all of a sudden)

• Flatten your stomach

• Get a kick-start on your motivation... and KEEP it going strong from now on... I'll show you dozens of ways to make it EASY
• Decrease stress and increase your energy
• Cut your exercise time in half with our super quick (and super effective) fast-paced workouts that are scientifically PROVEN to force your body to burn more calories and more body fat 

• Tone and tighten your hips and thighs fast
• Learn simple ways to make eating EASY... even when you HAVE TO eat out at a restaurant
• Burn away the fat in your "trouble spots" (like the jiggly stuff on the backs of your upper arms, that layer of fluff on your stomach, or even that tiny little bit of junk in your trunk) 

• Finally forget about the up-and-down weight loss "yo-yo" effect where you just end up gaining all you weight right back... I'll show you the real secret to keeping your dream body for the rest of your life

• Look more attractive

• Feel better about the way you look in the mirror (and finally cram a sock down the throat of that negative little voice that talks down to you every time you do)

• Feel more confident

• And Much, MUCH More...

Look, I'm just going to be totally up-front with you here... you can either keep wasting your time, energy, and effort on gimmick diet programs and exercise gadgets that never work the way they say they're going to...


You can finally get the results you want and deserve. Starting right now.

It's time to lose your unwanted weight, flatten your stomach, and tighten and tone your hips and thighs so you can fit back into your clothes again, too... AND so you can finally feel better about body, your energy levels, AND about the way you see yourself in the mirror.

You WILL get results this time. I guarantee it.

Don't put this off any more... just Click the button below to schedule your NO OBLIGATION, 1 Week Free Trial of Fitness Zone Bootcamp and full access to our fitness center right now... 

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And Get Started Today...
I'm looking forward to seeing you at our next boot camp. And I can't wait to help you become one of our newest success stories.
See you soon,
Jeff MacConnie / Owner

Fitness Zone 
39 New Haven Rd
Seymour, CT. 06483

P.S. If you're ready to finally to lose up unwanted body fat, tone and tighten your body's problem areas, and feel great about yourself again... then claim your FREE 1 Week Trial today by filling out the form right now. (And don't forget, your results are 100% guaranteed - No other fitness boot camp in the area can say that)...

 *Class Availability                                                               *Time             
Mon & Wen   8 spots total   (3 spots left)                 6 pm 
Tues & Thurs  8 spots total  (4 spots left)                 6 pm 
Bootcamp will consist of 8 sessions per month, a customized nutrition plan and full access to our fitness center with a customized full body workout plan.

For only $180.00 That's only $22.50 per session.
DISCLAIMER: (It's important to me that you understand this): *Results are not typical.* Advertised results are only typical of people who take action and apply the nutrition strategies as outlined within this program. Don't invest in this program if you think it's gonna automatically recreate your body just because you decided to buy it. Anything worth having in life requires work and discipline to succeed and I make no apologies for that. Even though this program will be telling you and showing you what to do, if you don't take action on it there's not much point of doing it at all.